What I use

Daily driver devices

  1. Dell XPS 13 9300
  2. Pixel 6 Pro


  1. Nix/Nixos - my laptop and cloud servers run Nixos
  2. git - The best SCM with the worst UX
  3. bat - A better cat
  4. delta - A better diff
  5. exa - A better ls
  6. ripgrep - grep but better in every way. Thanks BurntSushi <3
  7. fd - A better find
  8. Intellij IDEA Ultimate - go to general purpose IDE
  9. (doom) emacs - for config files and c/c++ projects. Magit also serves as my preferred git client
  10. (ocasionally) neovim - anything other misc text editing needs
  11. GNOME - My DE of choice
  12. zsh - My favorite shell
  13. oh my zsh - Zsh configuration framework
  14. terraform - Infrastructure provisioning

Services I use

  1. 1password - My favorite password manager
  2. tailscale - I really can't recommend people try tailscale enough. It feels like magic
  3. GitHub - Where I store all my code. I also run CI/CD with GitHub workflows
  4. Purelymail - Email hosting
  5. AWS - The DNS for all of my domains is via Route53
  6. Digital Ocean - Hosting for personal projects and clients with non mission critical workloads
  7. fly.io - For highly available hosting. This site is hosted on fly geo-distributed accross the United States

Tech stack

  1. React - The popular frontend framework
  2. Remix - My current favorite full stack web framework
  3. Typescript - A typed language that compiles to JS. This is now mandatory for all my new JS projects
  4. Prisma - Current favorite ORM
  5. Planetscale - Hosted Vitess database. It's great
  6. redis - General purpose cache and session store
  7. TailwindCSS - A toolkit for building beautiful frontends even if you are, like me, not a designer
  8. prettier - Code formatting
  9. eslint - Enforces best practices

Desktop Apps

  1. Brave Browser - I begrudgingly use a chromium based browser and brave is usually the least bad one of those
  2. Spotify - Essential for getting anything done
  3. Element - Free as in beer, free as in freedom instant messaging
  4. Discord - Free as in beer instant messaging
  5. Thunderbird - Email client that stays out of the way and consistently works
  6. For most other desktop tasks I just use the bundled GNOME apps, they do the job